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We are a shoe shop from the past, a time machine, a boutique from another era. Small, artisanal, and familiar. Our shoes are not manufactured in a factory, but instead are handmade in a workshop: one by one, gently, with tenderness and care, often customized to order, and made in Spain. Comme il faut. Although it may seem unbelievable, here in our shop it smells like leather, glue, parquet, of Paris, of candle wax, of macarons, of a story, of whims, and of miracles, because is not a miracle to be able to play with 110 different colours and 4 kinds of leather? We have penny loafers, ankle boots, brogue shoes and boots, derby shoes, brogue or smooth Mary Janes, sheepskin babyshoes and versaillinas from nº 15 to 41, all at the feet of the Marie-Antoinettes from this century. You’ll fall head over heels in love with the shoes that we make. We are a new shop modeled on the old ones, or in other words, a store difficult to find.



 A well-kept secret: the shop is inspired by

Marie-Antoinette’s cabinet de la Méridienne at Versailles.

A truly Royal experience!

inspired le cabinet meridienne



Our shop is located in Madrid, Calle Zurbano, at No.52. Calle Zurbano is “one of the best addresses in Europe, like Park Avenue in Manhattan, a street lined with palatial homes, five-star hotels and fine restaurantes” according this travel article in The New York Times. Take a little stroll by clicking on the map.



calle zurbano map




 You can also take advantage of your shopping in “one of the most exclusive establishments in Madrid” according  Sybarite list and make other worthy stop nearby at the house museum and former studio of the Impressionist painter Joaquín Sorolla.

sybarite list

fachada tienda

zurbano and nyt


THE COURT at XVIII century


 If you visit El Prado museum and specially Goya´s paintings you may have noticed the French influence in fashion of the high society. In Spain the royal family was of French origin, and the influence of Versailles was discernible at court. One thing that remained constant through this century was the dominating large buckles on shoes.

french shoes

shoes in goya paintings



The very quintessence of luxury, our shoes have travelled through time without losing any of its original characteristics. With the know how and traditions of the past, these handmade shoes are adapted to the requirements of the 21st century. Following an unique process of manufacturing each pair of shoes takes several days to be made. The craftsmen select the best leather and create shoes that are really luxurious, unique, and so comfortable for every day.


pink colors

THE COURT at 2.1st century


There are 110 different colours, 4 different kinds of leather and many more combinations you can choose. Have a look at this youtube video and shop our handmade shoes by selecting your choice from this web. We sell directly or through our local representatives in many countries. Please, contact us for more information at hola@unpieenversailles.com. We will be delighted to help you.

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